The Psychiatry Costa Rica website (PsiquiatríaCostaRica.com) was established as a guide for Internet users for all that is related to the medical specialty of psychiatry in Costa Rica.

Because of its location and its excellence in medical services in general, Costa Rica has become a global hub for medical tourism. Through our contact info, foreigners visiting or residing in Costa Rica, can reach a psychiatrist 24 hours a day, and ask an experienced professional about a particular patient, medication, new treatment options, as well as receive guidance on where treatment is available, be it through a private or public institution.

On this website, patients that come to Costa Rica looking for medical procedures or who suffer from psychiatric problems can find information, care and supervision. Whether diagnosed in your own country or due to complications, i.e. a case of emergency, we can help you with an appointment to evaluate your condition from a psychiatric point of view.

You may also contact us about hospitalization, or any medications you need – such as medicine or drug prescriptions you forgot back home, or that have run out/expired.

The professionals in charge are familiar with the environment in Costa Rica, have extensive experience in handling all types of patients and will provide you with the appropriate treatment and advice that you require.