Psychiatric Evaluations

Dr. Sancho Torres is also an external expert in Psychiatry for the Executive Directorate of the Judiciary branch of the Republic of Costa Rica, and as such, he has

provided in multiple occasions his judgment in trials carried out by the judicial branch. (Http://

Dr. Sancho has also participated as an expert in

numerous private legal cases and as a witness in the corresponding trials.

In particular, his psychiatric expertise is requested in cases where it is required to know if the patient is mentally fit (i.e. with his/her full cognitive abilities)

to sign testaments, inheritances or the transfer of property. Also, when it is necessary to define if there was Moral Damage before a certain fact; and whether the

witness in a trial is mentally capable to say what he says.

A Psychiatric Evaluation report, or “Peritaje psiquiátrico” as it is known in Spanish, is issued by a psychiatric expert after evaluating a particular patient. The

intention is to collaborate in the decision-making of a judge or a prosecutor in relation to a legal case.

The psychiatrist meets with the evaluated patient, reviews the necessary legal or medical records, meets with any person he or she supposes can provide information in

the case, in order to be able to issue a truthful and impartial report of the case under study.
When necessary the expert can be called to the court, to explain and clarify a previous expert opinion as the case may be.

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