Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Luis Carlos Sancho Torres

About Dr. Luis Carlos Sancho Torres

Dr. Sancho Torres graduated from Medical Pyschiatry in February 1987, after graduating with honors as a general practitioner from the University of Costa Rica in 1982.

Dr. Sancho worked for about 15 years with the Costa Rican Social Security Board, specifically at the National Psychiatric Hospital.

That same year he began working at the private level, a practice he shared with his work at the public level.

In 1995 he devoted himself entirely to the work of Psychiatry at the private level, creating the first system of 24-HOUR EMERGENCY PSYCHIATRY CARE, which first began at the Clinica Biblica, and about four years later was installed in the La Católica Hospital, where he leads a group of specialists in psychiatry in charge of referrals, both in-hospital care and 24-hour attention of patients arriving at the hospital’s Emergency Department.

For the many concerns that have always characterized Dr. Sancho Torres, he has developed extensive experience in many subjects, and therefore, one can say that he is a specialist in psychiatry, very well trained, and with broad and extensive experience in all topics and their specialties.